Wednesday, 13 February 2013

21313 About Me

"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life"
 -Charles Darwin


I have been a fan of Charles Darwin since I was a little kid, I guess you could say I grew up looking and reading about his discoveries. He was a man that changed the course of science and drew us away from our religious antics, and I respect him for that. He published something that he believe in and didn't conform to the heavily religious society he lived in. Charles Darwin is something special.

Today is the 13th of February 2013, and the start of my blog, CURIOUS CHEMICALS, a blog dedicated to all things I love and hate. But before I get into anything else, this date (2/13/13) possesses the number thirteen twice, a number that I hold quite dearly. Thus today I find it a perfect time to start my blog.

However, before this blog truly gets underway, I believe you should know a few things about me. This way I might be more relatable than just some girl on the internet.


I won't tell you my real name just yet, maybe sometime soon. But for now you can refer to me as George, I'll tell you guys about the story some day, but it's not short for anything. I am currently still in high school, however, I will be graduating and going to university in the very near future. As you might be able to tell I absolutely love photography and all things art related. Art has been part of my life since the first time I played with my food. However, my passion for art is overshadowed by my love of Biology and all things related to science, philosophy and anthropology. I guess it's not what you would expect a teenager girl to like, right? I should like.


You'd probably think I was into makeup, fashion and all things girly. I'll admit you'd be only partly right, I love fashion and shopping, but that's probably the max extent of my love. However, I believe that my love of fashion stems from my love of the arts, they are similarly related after all. I'll admit that I think makeup is too time consuming and I don't think I need it. I don't think anyone really needs it, we're all beautiful in our own ways. I personally hate how some people try to cover themselves up with the piles of makeup. It's like hiding yourself behind a mask. However, I don't have anything against people who wear minimal decent amounts. If you love makeup than you love it. I'll admit that I wear makeup on occasion, but honestly I don't think I need it to be happy.


 I'm an eating machine. I can out eat most of my male friends, and my friends usually gawk at how much I can eat.  Most people would consider me to be on the skinny side, well, on the skinny muscular side, so I guess you wouldn't see me being a pig. But honestly I love food to an endless extent. Food is something that I put above my weight, as long as I'm healthy I'm fine with my weight. However, my love of food has never been a problem to my waist line, I guess some of you would consider me blessed with good genetics.


However, I think that my love of sports would contribute to this. From a young age I was constantly involved in the sports. The majority of popular sports (such as soccer, volleyball, badminton etc) I have played competitively and for recreation. I guess you could say my love of sports helped to build up a very strong metabolism! But I love sports, the thrill of competition just drives me to always try my best. I just love the mud, dirt, pain and scars I get from sports. Weird right? But It reminds me of all the fun and excitement I experience.

Well. That's a bit about my life, what about yours?

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